– ‘Soft Typewriter’ is writing our lives, and our books, into existence

William S. Burroughs is a mechanical or electromechanical 
device with keys that, when pressed, cause characters to
be printed on a medium, usually paper.

– The end of intelligent design

– Penetrating the demographics

– La Psychologie de l’Art


– Eisenstein’s theory of montage revisited

– How Soviet montage theory was appropriated by capitalism

– Google Babylon




Picasso, in his painting, reacted to Guernica by sharpening the emotional impact of his figures with expressionist distortion. My approach has been to orchestrate data, so people will — at best — both understand and be outraged. Øvind Fahlstrøm

— Self portrait

— Good Game No Rematch

There is a special set of moves in chess which allows a player to win in four moves. Competitor A has been watching Competitor B play chess, and the past five games in a row Competitor B has attempted to use this four-move win. When Competitor A sits down to play against Competitor B, Competitor A will be metagaming if he/she plays in a way that will easily thwart the four-move checkmate before Competitor B makes it obvious that this is what he/she is doing.