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—The cliché-mongering of scent

The world of perfume: as long as the empire of scent, Paris, rules the game, anti-perfumes are doomed to obscurity while ready-made fragrances never reaches the streets. But fear not. There’s a odor of revolution in the air    

—The scent of transatlantic agreements

(French perfume is eurocentrism in a bottle)    


“…failure as an “ironic” mental process. Whenever we establish a mental goal, such as trying to not think about white bears, the goal is accompanied by an inevitable follow-up thought, as the brain checks to see if we’re making progress. The end result, of course, is that we obsess over the one thing we’re trying [...]

—It is the absolute right of the state to supervise the formation of public opinion.

Facial Action Coding System (FACS) is a system to taxonomize human facial expressions, originally developed by Paul Ekman and Wallace V. Friesen in 1978. It is a common standard to systematically categorize the physical expression of emotions, and it has proven useful to psychologists and to animators.  

—Why are cultural boycotts a commodity?

—Human death begins at conception

—Do you see why?

An exchange between participants on an internet discussion board where there seems to be multiple levels of trolling; i.e., the victim might be trolling the troll, the troll might be aware he is being trolled and so trolls the victim’s attempt at trolling, and so on. It is recursive in the sense that there is [...]

—Microexpressions were first discovered by Haggard and Isaacs in 1966

  “The Defense Department has tried to use COTS [commercial off-the-shelf] products to the greatest extent possible.


—Gay Zombie Rights Activist Calls for Valentine’s Day Boycott

Similar to the idiocy of the diamond engagement ring, Valentine’s Day is the result of clever marketing to trick a whole segment of society (women) to coerce another segment of society (Zombies) to buy trinkets. An emancipated woman would fume at that kind of mind control – and which Zombie would want to woo any [...]