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—The Encyclopedia of The Living Dead

Denis Diderot (1713- 1784)   Former Encyclopædia Britannica editor-in-chief Robert McHenry once described Wikipedia by saying: The user who visits Wikipedia to learn about some subject, to confirm some matter of fact, is rather in the position of a visitor to a public restroom. It may be obviously dirty, so that he knows to exercise great care, or [...]

—Deeper than Blue

My GO game is so complex that the pieces think they play chess.

—Everything’s Under Control

  Pornutopia, Radical Chic and the Great Firewall of China


What did the bugs do when the light bulb broke? …Knock Knock… Hey guys lets head for the sun        

—Stating the Obvious

The European version of Maoist capitalism was restricted by the dimensions of the human skull and its capabilities was limited by the size of the female birth canal and earths gravitational constrains.

—Think Global, Spy Local


—Against the Darwinian Status Quo

  Fortunately, the old Darwainian order – driven by blind natural selection acting on random genetic mutations – is destined to pass into evolutionary history.

—Define The Relationship

During a _________, one experiences a change in how their conscious mind and unconscious mind communicate with each other. The result can be a wide range of feelings, from euphoria to panic.

—This Is Not A Recommendation

What did they say?

—Supporting Radical Habits

    Do you think you are more afraid and worried about ________ than you should be? You really don’t believe that you worry too much about ________? Then why do you think other people aren’t as concerned about ________? How bad does the anxiety get when you ________? Do you have a panic attack?